2009 Cicada Season Reports


Please report any Brood II (dark blue areas) Stragglers.

Since May 7, stragglers of the 17 year Periodical Cicada Brood II are being reported in St. Mary’s & Calvert counties, Maryland as well as many counties in central Virginia. These are straggling individuals of Brood II (see Brood Map) that will emerge in large numbers in 2013 in central Virginia and Southern Maryland (in the Middle Atlantic area). We would like to compare the level of emergence between this year 2009 and the regular emergence year in 2013. It is likely that if you have a few individuals this year in 2009, you will experience a larger abundant emergence in 2013. Please report any information and locations to us at this site as well as the Magicicada.org site:  http://magicicada.org (so they will show up on the map). Thanks.

Don’t forget that our Annual Cicadas will begin to emerge and sing around the middle of June until the first frost in October:


Name:   Anthony Marcino
State:   MD
County:   Calvert
City: Lusby
Location:   Warbonnet Trail
GPS Coordinates:
Describe cicadas activity:   Observed 6 shed skins the morning of may 15th 2009 and I captured one adult female of the Magicicada genus


Name:   Sandra
State:   VA
County:   Prince William
City:   Manassas
Location:   Burnt Tree Drive
GPS Coordinates:
Describe cicadas activity:   Emerging cicadas – 100 or more so far – just around the house.  I haven\’t been in the yard and surrounding wooded area yet.  5-14-09
Other comments:    These are periodical cicadas, not the typical \”dog day\” cicadas which emerge every year in July & August.  I have about 15 nymphs, a few ready to molt.  I have close-up photos of the nymphs, when they mature, I will photograph them.  Please let me know if you want any pics.  They are in aquariums in my home which I use for beetle breeding and other critters.


Name:   Ben
State:   MD

County:  St. Mary’s
City:   Lexington Park
Location:  everywhere in this area
Describe cicadas activity:   There didn\’t seem to be as many as some years
Other comments:


Name:   Kyle
State:   MD
County:   St. Mary’s
City:   Hollywood
Location: Morgan Road
Describe cicadas activity:   I thought you guys might be interested to know that I observed several individual Periodical Cicadas at/around my home in Hollywood this past Saturday (5/9/09).  I saw the first one early on Saturday morning while birding for the May Count.  I watched through binoculars as a North Cardinal tried to eat it.  When he was through, I went to the spot and collected the cicada’s wings, confirming the ID.  When I got home, my son showed me one that he found on our deck around mid-morning.  Later the same day, I found one barely still alive under my barbecue grill.  The bodies of all 3 insects were still fairly soft and moist, as if they had just recently emerged, although their wings were dry.



Name:   Brandy
State:   MD
County:   St. Mary’s
City:   Hollywood
Location: Clark’s Landing Road
Describe cicadas activity:  I received a live male Magicicada septemdecim from Brandy, who brought them from her grandmothers house in Hollywood, Md. She reported that there were a few live individuals as well as many empty shells. This is the first report from Maryland this year!